keep it natural
keep it fresh
keep it real


want better results? make better choices!

• Choose fresh and frozen vegetables instead of canned vegetables. If you do use tinned vegetables, rinse them before use. The same goes for products canned or bottled in brine, like tuna, salmon, or even pickled peppers.

• Use fresh poultry, fish or lean meat, rather than canned or processed meat, including products like sausages, smoked meats or fish, and crumbed products.

• Watch out for frozen chicken (especially Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) chicken portions) that has been injected with brine – supposedly to preserve flavour and succulence. Not only are you paying for frozen, salty water but you’re upping your consumption of hidden salts.

• Check the health claims on your breakfast cereals – low-fat or wholegrain doesn’t necessarily mean less sodium. Just 100g of your morning cornflakes can count for half your daily salt allowance.