salty 6

Eat these foods in moderation!

Be conscious of the amount of salt you are consuming in processed foods that you might not consider to be salty. Here is a list of some of foods already containing high levels of salt:

• Cold Cuts & Cured Meats
• Bread & Rolls
• Sandwiches
• Pizza
• Poultry
• Soup


These are meats preserved by smoking, curing or salting, and include ham, salami, “luncheon meats” from the supermarket deli counter and sausages like viennas and frankfurters. One serving – approximately 60g or 6 thin slices – can contain as much as half of your daily sodium allowance. For meaty sandwiches and wraps, rather use up your Sunday roast leftovers or opt for tuna or salmon.


Bread may not taste salty, but it’s a big culprit in the hidden salt department. Two slices of white bread can contain 300mg of sodium, and the “healthier” options such as brown, multi-grain or rye bread can hold up to 500mg of sodium – that’s a quarter of your daily allowance. Wraps don’t come off much better. The answer? Look for low-sodium options and, better still, cut down on bread – it’s good for your overall health too.


Here you’re getting a double whammy from the salt content of the bread as well as the filling, especially if it includes cold meats and condiments. Have a half a sandwich with a salad, go for fillings like veggies and hummus, boiled egg, fishy fillings or those Sunday roast leftovers.


A standard-size pizza can wipe out your daily salt allowance in one go! Save this one for treats, limit the cheese and meaty toppings, or make your own at home.


Frozen chickens, and especially individually quick frozen (IQF) portions, are injected with brine (salt and water mixture) so they don’t end up dry and tough when cooked. This can dramatically up the sodium content of the product. New South African food labelling regulations now require manufacturers to declare the percentage of added brine, and from 2015 this will be limited to 15%. So, read your labels – and rather buy fresh, 100% chicken.


A cup of tinned, packet or instant soup can contain up to half of your recommended daily intake of salt. Read the labels and look out for low sodium options – and note that slimmers’ options don’t necessarily have less salt. Best solution – make your own healthy soup at home, and then you’ll know exactly what’s in it.